Guilty Pleasure Cinema Review

Movies that you love to watch over and over.



Lionheart Release Date: January 11, 1991 Genre: Action, Drama, Crime    Director: Sheldon Lettich      Writers: S.N. Warren (Earlier Screenplay), Jean-Claude Van Damme (Story & Screenplay) & Sheldon Lettich (Screenplay) Starring: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Harrison Page, Deborah Rennard, Lisa Pelikan, Ashley Johnson, Brian Thompson WARNING: POSSIBLE SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW It’s been awhile since I …

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New ‘Guilty Pleasure Cinema Review’ has been posted. A movie that fits well with Thanksgiving since it deals with family. The 1991 Steven Seagal vengeance flick “Out For Justice”!

National Lampoon’s Senior Trip    Release Date: September 8, 1995 Genre: Comedy Director: Kelly Makin Writers: Roger Kumble, I. Marlene King Starring: Matt Frewer, Valerie Mahaffey, Jeremy Renner, Lawrence Dane, Tommy Chong, Kevin McDonald       WARNING: POSSIBLE SPOILERS IN THIS REVIEW   “National Lampoon” was a well known humor magazine that ran from 1970 …

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