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Release Date: October 11,  2019

Genre: Mystery, Suspense

Director: John Sciarretta

Writer: John Sciarretta

Starring: John Sciarretta

As stated in previous postings here at “Guilty Pleasure Cinema Review” there will be times where we will break from the norms of reviewing movies that you may love (or hate) for some special reviews. This happens to be one of those occasions. Special thanks to John Sciarretta who reached out to me on Twitter asking me to check out his short film “Lakota” which he just released. I watched it last night and prepared a review for all of you to read. Because this is a short film, I will do my best not to give any spoilers or major plot points away.

I’ll start out with the synopsis of “Lakota.” Sciarretta plays Michael Garver, a shoe salesman from Exeter, New Hampshire who goes for a hike in a remote trail on the afternoon of September 23, 2019 to never return. Investigators find his phone in the woods and what they uncover would be traumatic.

“Lakota” is an eighteen minute short film which was filmed for no money and the medium used to shoot the film was an iPhone (which is becoming the new thing from recent articles I’ve read). It’s essentially a found footage film inspired by “The Blair Witch Project.” It focuses on a single character and everything that has happened to the character is through their words, descriptions and actions.

While this concept is nothing new, I did enjoy the film for its use of metaphor and giving a performance that is not forced or enunciates. Sciarretta starts out dictating on his phone what he’s seen throughout his hike and with every new update, there is a startling revelation. The realization that Michael is lost in the woods translates into Michael is getting lost in his mind. You see the slow breakdown of his psyche until it becomes uncontrollable. It’s a good performance because it is a real person in a real world scenario where most people would react the same way if they’re lost and start to lose hope.

Sciarretta’s performance is good, however if there’s anything he could’ve added to it would be he altered his appearance with every passing day. For example, I would’ve loved to see perhaps his clothes muddy, dirty or torn to show despair or perhaps scratches on his face to show that Michael is having a physical deterioration in addition to a mental deterioration.

“Lakota” is a decent short film that looks and feels like a real event that occurred. It’s a movie which can give aspiring filmmakers motivation to go out and make something for nothing. You don’t need a big camera or cheesy special effects to make your art. It comes down to the characters, story and the setting which this film hits all three on the bulls eye.

You can watch “Lakota” right here below! Thank you again to John Sciarretta for sharing this film with everyone!


Adam Cook is the Founder and Editor of “Guilty Pleasure Cinema Review” since it’s inception January 2018. He is also a contributing writer for “Braindead Network.  For inquiries please contact him at and on Twitter @GPCRMovies


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