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Movies that you love to watch over and over.

For the past year and and a half I, Adam Cook have devoted much time and effort into “Guilty Pleasure Cinema Review!” My goal was to showcase movies that viewers may have forgotten about or attempt to showcase movies that people may think are bad, but are actually decent. I continue to thank you the readers for your continued support of the page. As this blog has progressed over time, it has helped me network with various individuals in the film industry. I happened to come across one that I’ve spent a good amount of time with. For the first time in “Guilty Pleasure Cinema Review” I wanted to showcase an up and coming filmmaker.

Josh Stark is a filmmaker, writer, podcaster, content creator and above all, a horror movie fan. His love of horror gave him the concept of creating a movie that brings horror fans together. With that concept he created a new documentary entitled For The Love Of Horror, which will be arriving soon to Amazon, Amazon Prime, YouTube and for release on Blu Ray next year. The documentary features actors, actresses and filmmakers from the popular genre as well as some regular fans telling their stories of how they got into horror movies and what kind of impact it has had on them personally.

I had the chance to sit down with Josh. We talked about the new movie along with other projects he has coming up and how he got into the world of horror. Below is my exclusive interview with Josh Stark.

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Congratulations on the documentary! How was the experience making this documentary in comparison with your previous films? 

Thank you, Adam. The experience that I have had working on this documentary series has been nothing short of fantastic. All the support that I have gotten since it was announced and everyone involved. It’s really been a humbling experience.


What was the most memorable part of making this film?

Meeting all the actors, directors; sfx artists. I have meet some awesome people that have worked on  the original Halloween , the newer Halloween and everything in between.


What do you hope fans take away from seeing this film?

The documentary series will be in seasons and is going to be an ongoing show. Mainly what I am looking to do is shine a light on the horror community and give them a voice. A lot of people who don’t really watch horror movies  judge people who love the horror genre and I want to show everyone that we are just like them except we love creepy shit.


Let’s go back in time. What got you into film making? What were your earliest memories?

When I was a kid I would sneak in my dads bedroom where he had a huge VHS collection. And the top shelf is where he had the hardcore horror at. And one day I got a movie from the top shelf. That movie was Evil Dead 2 and the events I witnessed that day changed my life forever and made me want to become a filmmaker.


Do you remember the first horror movie you watched? Did you become an instant horror fan immediately?

Dracula 1934. That was the first horror movie I’ve ever watched.  That’s when I fell in love with film, but it wasn’t till Evil Dead 2 that I fell in love with horror.


What are your favorite horror movies?

Phantasam is my favorite horror movie.  I also love Fright Night as well as Pumpkinhead.


In addition to your films, you’ve also written for various publications. How did you get involved with writing? Did you write reviews? Columns?

I wrote reviews as well as columns. I have always loved writing. I would write from a very young age and make sequels to every movie I watched. Something very cool happened when I was 15 I wrote my first script called swine and it actually got noticed by a representative of Fangoria and they wanted to interview me for there magazine. I never followed through with it, but it was very cool.


You’ve started a new network called Braindead Network. Where did the concept come from? What kind of features can horror fans look for when visiting?

Braindead Network is a podcast network where horror podcast can come and be apart of a company where they get certain perks as well as get promotions and things of that nature. Also Braindead is making a switch to YouTube  as well so I can’t wait. Braindead Network started off as a podcast me and my wife made to talk about horror movies and then when we started getting attention people wanted to join. And then it became a network. We also liked the movie Braindead (Laughs).



You’ve also been involved with podcasting. What was the first podcast you worked on? Can you talk more about your newest podcast, B-Movie Drive In?

Black Sunday Podcast was my very first podcast. Then the name changed to Braindead Podcast. And now it’s called B Movie Drive-In. And it is ran by Me and my two awesome co-host Zach and Andy. I couldn’t do it without them.


What was the best advice you’ve received?

Growing up I never had much advice except give up and I will never make it. So believe it or not my best advice was all the negative stuff because now I have to prove them wrong.


What are your plans going forward?

I want to take over. I really just want people to see my work. I have a great imagination. My podcast is starting to gain  traction and I am working on a lot of projects.


Where can people find you to keep up on what you’re working on?

Everyone can follow me on:

Facebook:  at Josh Stark.

Instagram: Bible___Butcher

And they can follow our podcast on Spotify.



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