Guilty Pleasure Cinema Review

Movies that you love to watch over and over.

Hello Everyone! Long time no read!

Sorry I’ve been absent. As I mentioned in my last post I’ve been dealing with some personal matters and other events that have occupied my time, but I wanted to take the time I have now to give you an update on my special that I’m planning for all of October.

I’m about 95% done with the entire “Guiltiest Pleasure Horror Movie” special. I’ve reviewed 5 films and acquired audio clips for 4 of the 5. I plan on getting the clips for the final movie done this weekend. I’m working with my best friend who is an artist on the title design. After that everything is ready to go.

The plan is to post one review a week, every Wednesday starting on Wednesday, October 3rd and the final review to be posted on Halloween night. That will give me time to get the next review put down and make any final changes I need to.

Make sure you follow on her and on my Twitter page @GPCRMovies for all the updates!

I hope to see you on this site here soon!

Thank you again for all of your support!


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