Guilty Pleasure Cinema Review

Movies that you love to watch over and over.

Good evening, interweb! Welcome to the blog page of Guilty Pleasure Cinema Review. The purpose of this blog is to entice you the reader with movie reviews of films that are guilty pleasures of mine. The films that will be review range from all genres. Comedy, Horror, Drama, Western, you name it. Some of these movies were universally panned by critics or have a cult following. I will explain to you the reader the reasons I enjoy some of these schlocky movies. Hopefully with the reviews, you will go out and watch these films for yourselves and see if it holds up to my review or if you think I’m just a bullshit artist. My goal is to post one review a week. My first Guilty Pleasure Cinema Review will be posted either this Friday or Saturday. I hope you will enjoy reading these reviews as much as I have enjoyed typing them up!

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